PIA Selects Ora-Tech Systems (Pvt.) To Maintain Its Server Infrastructure


Pakistan International Airlines has selected Ora-Tech Systems (Pvt) Ltd. as their company of choice to maintain their mission critical server infrastructure at Jinnah International Airport.

Ora-Tech Systems is now responsible for the smooth running of over 20 Servers which are running mission critical applications.

Pakistan International Airlines, felt especially comfortable going with a company that has successfully closed over 60,000 Hardware Support calls and experience on virtually all brands available in Pakistan and the Middle East from a Hardware Maintainability & Repair point of view.


01 July, 2009

Ora-Tech Systems Is The First I.T Company in Pakistan to Attain ISO 9001:2008 status!

Ora-Tech Systems, part of the Fatakia Group of Companies is the first IT Company in Pakistan to have attained ISO 9001:2008 Certification which is the latest version of ISO certification available globally.

We would like to thank all of our team members and our ISO accrediting body URS for working together to complete this milestone in just three months!


09 November, 2009

Ora-Tech Systems Aims To Become Worlds First Oracle Platinum Partner in 2010

Oracle Corporation USA has announced a major change in its partner structure as of December 31st 2009. The revamp of its Partner Model will include all new partner levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Reseller) to replace previous titles such as Certified Advantage Partner etc. etc.
The new levels of partnership will also bring an added degree of clarity to customers when choosing amongst one of Oracles 10,000+ partners worldwide for providing licensing, implementation and support of its various products.
The levels of partnership will be accompanied by what are best known as ‘specializations’ which a partner may attain via Oracle Corporation.
Over 40 specializations have been announced as potential areas for partners to prove themselves and become certified through a series of Sales, Pre-Sales, Implementation and Support certifications specially tailored for each. These specializations include areas like E-Business Suite Financials, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Enterprise Edition to name a few.
With a proper focus, partners will be able to specialize in areas where they have their strengths and look to expand into in the future.
It is important for customers to note, that to attain a specialization in a particular area via Oracle partners will have to provide a required number of sales and implementation references for projects completed over the last 12 to 18 months. Making specializations extremely relevant to customers trying to decipher whether or not a partner is capable to complete a particular implementation and support it adequately.
Ora-Tech Systems is currently working to attain our stated goal of becoming the first Platinum Partner (requires specialization in 5 different Oracle Products simultaneously) in the world and is competing with 10,000 Oracle Partners worldwide for this elusive title.
 04 February, 2010



OTS becomes Jinfonet Softwares First ISV Partner in The Region!

ROCKVILLE, MD and Karachi, Pakistan – Jinfonet Software, world leader in Java reporting solutions, today announced a strategic new partnership with Ora-Tech Systems. Ora-Tech, an industry-focused technology firm and leading force in the South Asian and Middle Eastern information technology markets, is Jinfonet’s first partner in the region.This alliance marks the success of Jinfonet’s recently expanded international partner’s program. Ora-Tech has a well established IT business as a leading vendor of Oracle, IBM Maximo, Red Hat Linux and Cognos etc., in the Pakistani market. With their history of introducing new technologies to the region, this collaboration is a positive step in the growth of Jinfonet’s global network.

This increased market visibility moves JReport further to the forefront of the international business intelligence stage. “While our introduction of Oracle to the Pakistani Market was our single greatest contribution to the IT industry,” said Ora-Tech Chairman Aspy Nariman Fatakia, “I am confident that exposure of…other brand names we have introduced will surpass even our impact on Oracle over the years.”

Partnerships with pioneering companies like Ora-Tech are a fundamental factor behind Jinfonet’s rapid growth. “We are excited to work with Ora-Tech in increasing our international presence,” said Sales Director Robin Davies, “and this new region is only the beginning.”

About Ora-Tech: Ora-Tech Systems is a dominant force in the South Asian and Middle Eastern information technology markets, supplying enterprise level hardware and software solutions to over 400 customers. Ora-Tech was the first company to introduce Oracle in Pakistan, and today supports 15 different products from additional major vendors such as Cisco and HP. Ora-Tech helps customers from multiple sectors including FSI, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and government, to optimize their infrastructures.

For more information please visit: http://www.ora-tech.com

About Jinfonet: Jinfonet Software is the leading provider of embedded reporting solutions for enterprise applications. JReport, the company’s flagship product, is a Java-based reporting solution that can embed seamlessly into any Java application, leverages Java EE standards, and delivers interactive reports via the web. JReport’s intuitive design and deployment tools make report creation, review, distribution and ad hoc reporting fast and easy. JReport is in its 9th release cycle and is employed by hundreds of thousands of end-users at more than 10,000 installations worldwide.

More information on Jinfonet Software and JReport is available online at http://www.jinfonet.com.

Ora-Tech Systems has been added to the partner directory and Jinfonet Softwares global alliance partners list here:



01 May, 2010