PIA Selects Ora-Tech Systems (Pvt.) To Maintain Its Server Infrastructure


Pakistan International Airlines has selected Ora-Tech Systems (Pvt) Ltd. as their company of choice to maintain their mission critical server infrastructure at Jinnah International Airport.

Ora-Tech Systems is now responsible for the smooth running of over 20 Servers which are running mission critical applications.

Pakistan International Airlines, felt especially comfortable going with a company that has successfully closed over 60,000 Hardware Support calls and experience on virtually all brands available in Pakistan and the Middle East from a Hardware Maintainability & Repair point of view.


01 July, 2009

EGD, Federal I.T Ministry and Islamabad Police Bestow Implementation Honors & Recognition to Ora-Tech Systems in Islamabad


In 2008 the Federal IT Ministry, Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) and Islamabad Police had initiated a project for electronic enablement of the Islamabad Police.
This project has been implemented successfully. The outcome is visible by having computerized driving licenses, automation of police stations, computerized driving test and consolidated database for the Islamabad police force.
OTS has deployed the hardware infrastructure for this project, including HP servers, HP SAN, HP Tape Library (Backup) and HP thin clients.
The Formal inaugural ceremony of the project took place at Islamabad Police headquarters. The Interior Minister was on hand to present Ora-Tech Systems with a small token of their appreciation in the form of an official endorsement of our contribution to this team effort.
Ora-Tech Systems wishes the Islamabad Police Department and EGD the best of luck in its efforts to keep the Nation safe from enemies of the state, be they from home or abroad.
01 December, 2009